Those who can... PLAN

'Amat victoria coram" Victory Love Preparation


Planning is a part of my everyday life as a necessity.  I cannot function without my many task lists for work, groceries, errands and my business.  It gives me a sense of accomplishment to make a list and mark each one off as they are completed and heaven forbid that I leave the house without my list of plans... Total chaos which can (and have) result in a mini meltdown. So when people say “ oh I forgot” I simply say, no you just didn’t PLAN.

How can you not plan? There are so many tools, tips and tricks available specifically geared towards simplifying your goals and keeping you on the right track. I started off by using those tiny notepads for homework deadlines in school, then along came the brightly colored stick notes, composition books, legal pads and desk calendars. Just as I thought that I was the worlds most organized human being, along came the digital calendars and now the “Rocketbook Panda Planner”. There is quite literally something out there for every type of planner.

Besides organization and accomplishments, planning helps me to reduce my anxiety manage my expectations of what I can accomplish in a day, week, month and year. I no longer have to wonder about what I did last year because I planned. Planning turns dreams and goals into reality.

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