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By Failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail - Benjamin Franklin

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Meet The Speakers for the 2021 Planning Party

Tasha Mackey is the Co-Owner of MAD Business Solutions. She is a dynamic planning magician.  She is well organized and is always on the cusp of new and innovative ways to make life easier by setting goals, proper PLANNING and flawless executions. As a business  Consultant, she has assisted people and organizations both large and small in planning for success. 

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Tasha Mackey

Rachael Wolff 

Rachael Wolff debuted as an author in 2020 with her book, Letters from A Better Me: The Empowered Woman from Mango Publishing. Wolff uses her years of personal and spiritual development, formal education, and perseverance through trauma to serve others from a loving place. Her goal is to help others see the best versions of themselves.

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Karen Barr

Karen Barr is a Certified Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, Transformation Specialist and Group Fitness Specialist. Karen aims to transform the lives of all she trains through her company Raising the Barr with individualized, innovative training techniques & nutritional plans. She constantly reminds both herself and clients that it all begins in the mind; which then is reflected in the body! 

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